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King Shocks was born out of necessity, long before we opened our doors in 1996. The original designs drawn by Lance King back in the early 80’s were created to fill the needs of the top-level racers of the day. Nothing existed at the time that could stand up to the punishment dished out by racers like Bill Stroppe, Parnelli Jones, and Walker Evans. The faster cars and trucks ran several shocks on each wheel which were often changed at pit stops along with the tires.
Our original 3” shock was designed with pure performance in mind from only the highest quality materials available. When your name goes on the product, it makes a difference. Like most family-owned businesses, King Shocks had humble beginnings. Lance King did the design work and the machining of the parts, Son Ross was the welder/fabricator and Son Brett did sales. To get the company off the ground, Ross and Brett worked a whole year without drawing a paycheck. Like the desert racers who ran their shocks, the Kings were not afraid of hard work and perseverance.
King Shocks has grown into the company it is today by staying true to our original goals of putting quality and performance above all else and by continuously improving materials and design. Our dedication to quality extends to our customer service and support as well. In addition to our numerous application-specific products, we build custom shocks for anything you can dream of as well as some you could not imagine. Many of the high-performance features available today such as bypass tubes, seal technology, shaft diameters, and tube construction were pioneered by King, working to give our customers the competitive edge they need.
Like many companies, King Shocks has grown from a small business building custom-made shocks for race cars to a manufacturer of hundreds of products for many different applications. The difference is, that we still build custom-made one-off shocks for racecars, we never stopped.