Jesse James rides again on King Shocks.

Jesse James’ new Geiser built Trophy Truck will be making its debut at the SCORE, Terribles, Primm 300 Sept. 10 -12, 2010. The new truck still carries the familiar #54 and the Stuka Dive Bomber body panels that only needed slight mods to fit the Geiser chassis. “Jesse gave me a list of demands that we had to follow on this truck” said builder Rick Geiser, “ It had to have his trick spiderweb wheels and BFG tires, it had to have the stuka body panels and it had to have King Shocks, oh and it has to be loud!” The loud part comes from the Brodix 500 cubic inch Chevy engine that belts out 865 angry horses. The shocks are a wicked looking set of gold and black Kings. The race will give Jesse a chance to get comfortable in the new truck before the Baja 1000 and to do some testing with the new King 4.5 inch shock. It would not be the first time a guy named Jesse won in a Geiser, right out of the box, but the goal is to just do well and get the truck in the dirt at race speeds. If the sound of the Brodix motor or the bling of the King Shocks doesn’t get your attention, the logo on the door surely will. That’s just Jesse being Jesse.

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