Over The Top Motorsports takes on Rock Jam Rock Race

For the first race in my new Trent Fabrication buggy I needed to go to a race with a lot of jumps, turns, and rocks. That was exactly what the Rock Jam course had. Before the race started each racer was allowed two practice laps to feel the course out and to give the crowd some entertainment. In the first race I was left in the dust due to transmis-sion problems. But I caught up to the other competitor at the rocks. While in the rocks the other racer received a 30 second penalty for tearing a banner, so even though I was behind him I was ahead in time by 15 seconds. For the second race I was sitting in third place, enough to get me in the finals. I wasn't far behind at the start but this time I got a banner after coming up an up-hill jump and turning to late and hit the banner. After that race we had a flat tire, so we went back to the pits and changed it, then moved on to the finals. In the finals there were two races. After the first run in the finals we had two flat tires with only one spare left mounted on a rim. So we dismounted the best rim with a ruined tire and mounted it on a new tire and made it back just in time to start. At the start we were following the competitor closely waiting for the opportune moment to pass but while in the minor rock pile I was blinded by the dust and hit a banner which cost me another 30 seconds dropping me to fourth place. Special thanks to Jim Catt, as my pit crew, I could not have done as well as I did in my first race in a new racecar without his help. After getting back to the shop we found out that the motor was in limp mode and the transmission only had third gear, after those problems are properly solved — Look out!!!!

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