TRAIL-GEAR Plows Through The Competition at Donner Ski Ranch

Team Trail-Gear’s Rover moon buggy looked solid throughout the entire weekend. Matt Messer, owner of Trail-Gear, piloted the car through the challenging group of A courses on Saturday with spotter John Gabriel doing some heavy lifting. After posting a single negative score for the day of -1 on the A4 course, Team Trail-Gear was sitting in the middle of the pack of 12 in 6th place with 75 points, only 12 points back from the lead. It was a close race, and come Sunday, it was anybody’s game. Sunday started off right, with the #017 car capturing a score of -10 on B3, and B1 and B4 course low scores of -4 and -2 respectively on the way to building an 8 point lead going into the shootout. Five teams successfully completed the shootout course and Team Trail-Gear needed a -9 or better to secure a 1st place finish. After a smooth run ended with a score of -10, Team Trail-Gear secured their first 1st place finish in the unlimited class with a fantastic shootout performance. The next W.E. Rock Western U.S. Nationals event will be held on July 30-31 as a night event at the Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City, UT. Come support Team Trail-Gear in their quest for a series championship. For more information, contact: J.T. Shaver Design and Marketing Manager 559.252.4950

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