TOTAL CHAOS Team Racers Play Cat and Mouse at the VORRA Yerington 300.

TC debuted their project Tacoma at this event and out of the box landed a 1st in class and 2nd overall finish after running a flawless race day for 300 miles. Matt Vaughan out of Corona, Ca. is the owner of TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication Inc. and driver while the co builder Jeremy Bonds of Lake Elsinore, Ca. navigated the dusty 6 lap 50 mile VORRA race course. “The course was super dusty the first 3 laps and we were lucky that when we blew the corners we never caused any damage to the truck,” Matt stated after the race. “You only get one chance to race a brand new truck. The first place in class was a goal we set. The 2nd place overall in the race was a bonus for sure! We threaded the needle the whole race and never had a flat tire. My GOODYEAR Kevlar MTR tires were put to the test and this production tire withstood 300 miles of desert abuse and could have run more.” The TC Toyota Tacoma has been a project vehicle that was used to develop the entire 2005+ Toyota 2wd product line that is currently available to the general public. TOTAL CHAOS offers mid travel performance lift kits and a long travel IFS system that this vehicle was used to test during all the R&D stages. The final kit TC developed was the current “race system” that is 5” over stock and bolts to all factory mounting locations. It incorporates a modified 07 Tundra steering rack, 1990 4wd Toyota custom TC lift spindles, heim steering and uses heim upper pivot control arms. TC stuck with its traditional tubular boxed lower control arms that mount inline 2.5” coil over and 3.0 bypass Fox shocks. Its powered by a Toyota 4.0L V6 that replaced the stock 2.7L motor. TC played cat and mouse with team drivers Mike Koenig and Troy Robinson who run a TC Toyota Gen 3 Caddy system & trailing arms. Off the start only 1 vehicle separated them but the dust and single line track formed a conga line that forced drivers to be smart when they went for passes. The dust was so thick Troy got around Matt after TC’s Tacoma nerfed a stuck truck in class on the course.  TOTAL CHAOS reeled in Koenig racing and the door-to-door battle was on for a few miles.  Shortly thereafter friendly fire almost took out another Locos Mocos racer as Scott Rodgers pulled off for TC to make a clean pass. Koenig racing could not see the course and when Scotts Ford pulled back in the lane Troy smashed the back of his truck. They improvised and repaired all the damaged fuel fittings and were back on the run! 2nd lap Koenig Racing got by TC during a scheduled fuel stop and they chased each other around the course until Koenig racing pulled in for fuel starting lap 3. After a scheduled fuel stop at main pit TC was back in the lead with Koenig racing just under a minute behind all 3rd lap until calling out a blown rear end near checkpoint 4. Some clean air enabled the TC crew to pick up the pace and visibility was better laps 4, 5 & 6. Toward the end lappers became another dust factor. The blown rear diff was actually a snapped spare drive line tab off the rear cage smacking around. With driver changes and fuel stops Koenig racing hammered down and battled back to second place on the race course. “We beat all the class 8 trucks out there and pulled off a 5th overall. Our TC suspension and GOODYEAR tires railed all day and stuck the corners. My truck worked great. We had no flats.” stated Mike after the race. Koenig Racing now stands in 3rd place overall for 2010 VORRA series points. Our crew had an incredible pit support staff from Team Locos Mocos all day to man each and every pit location around the course. Without BCG 1 running race radio relay on the mountain all day for every VORRA racer radio communication this race would have been a much greater challenge. THANKS for taking a sun burn for the team!

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