Chad George, The UTV Monster

Chad George begins the 2010 Lucas Oil Off-Road racing series with new Monster Energy team colors on his King Shocks clad, Kawasaki Teryx, racer. The new look is appropriate considering his racing accomplishments. George has been like a monster, chewing up and spitting out the competition winning three championships in a row for a total of five in his career so far. Chad’s driving skills are a major key to his success but his Funco built Teryx is also an important part of his development as a driver and his ability to consistently run up front. Built by his family’s business, Funco Motorsports, who have decades of racing experience starting with Chad’s Grandfather Gil who is one of the pioneers of off-road racing, the Kawasaki Teryx was engineered to not only perform but to dominate. Shortcourse racing puts big demands on the suspension with its huge jumps and tricky corners. The constantly changing track conditions require unique suspension set-ups tailored to the different tracks and the condition of the dirt from day to day. King Shocks’ custom shock building abilities were instrumental when working with Funco to develop Chad’s race Teryx suspension. When developing a new suspension system you can count on the unexpected and plenty of trial and error, King’s ability to make rapid design changes and the available tuning options King Shocks provide make the job much easier. The King Coilpass shock used on the Funco Teryx allows changes to spring rate and preload, ride height, piston valving and precise external, multi-stage, bypass valve adjustment for both compression and rebound strokes. The King Coilpass is a coilover shock with a bypass body above to provide precise tuning capabilities. The King Coilpass design used on Chad’s Teryx started out as a “what if” engineering exercise to determine if the concept was possible. King Shocks’ continuous product development process constantly pushes the conceptual boundaries to come up with new designs like the Coilpass shock. The knowledge gained is then used in all the UTV shocks King makes. With three straight championships under his belt, Chad George, Team Funco and King Shocks are working harder than ever to stay ahead of the competition. If there is anything more difficult than getting to the top, it’s staying on top but fortunately, that’s what Chad does best. [gallery link="file" orderby="rand"]

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