Replacement Parts

King shocks are made from the finest materials available to provide years of trouble free service. Our shocks have evolved from pure racing designs so they are able to be tuned and serviced with simple hand tools. Any part on a King shock can be rebuilt or replaced with factory fresh pieces. When the time comes, convenient pre-packaged seal and shim kits as well as wear bands, bearings, shafts and shock oil are just a phone call away. All the parts that go into a King shock are identified below.
1-Top Cap
2-Top Cap O-Ring
3-Secondary Nuts
4-Secondary Nut O-Ring
5-Shock Cylinder
6-Coil Adjustment Nut
7-Coil Spring
8-Coil Slider
9-Coil Plate
10-Piston Retaining Nut
11-Piston Retaining Washer
12-Valve Shims
13-Piston Wear band
15-Base Washer
16-Top Out Washer
17-Shaft Spacer
18-Shaft Guide / DU Bushing
19-Seal Cap
20-Shaft O-Ring
21-Main Seal
22-Main Seal Retainer
23-Seal Cap O-Ring
24-Shock Cylinder C-Clip
25-Wiper Cap O-Ring
26-Wiper Cap
27-Wiper Seal
28-Set Screw
29-Shock Shaft
30-Rod End
31-Coil Adjustment Pinch Bolt
32-Piggyback Mounting Sleeve
33-Reservoir C-Clip
34-Piggyback Adaptor O-Ring
35-Piggyback Reservoir Oil End Cap
36-Reservoir O-Rings
37-Reservoir Cylinder
38-Reservoir Piston Wear Band
39-Reservoir Piston
40-Remote Reservoir Air End Cap
41-Schrader Valve
42-Piggyback Mounting Plate Bolts
43-Piggyback Mounting Plate
44-Piggyback Reservoir End Cap Bolts
46-Bearing C-Clips
47-Spherical bearing
48-Piggyback Mounting Sleeve O-Rings
49-Piston O-Ring
50-Main Seal C-Clip
51-Wiper Seal C-Clip
52-Wiper Seal Retainer
53-Wiper Seal
54-Wiper O-Ring
55-Wiper Cap Bolts
56-Remote Reservoir Hose
57-Remote Reservoir Oil End Cap
58-Remote Reservoir End Cap O-Ring
59-Schrader Valve Cap O-Ring
60-Schrader Valve Cap
61-Piston Bleed Screw
62-Seal Cap Bleed Screw
63-Bypass Valve
64-Bypass Spring
65-Bypass Valve Stop
66-Bypass Valve Stop Set Screw
67-Bypass Valve Stop O-Ring
68-Bypass Adjusting Nut O-Ring
69-Bypass Adjusting Nut
70-Bypass Adjusting Screw
71-Bypass Adjusting Jam Nut
Get the edge on your competition by running high quality, specially formulated, King shock oil. Shock Oil: Part # F10011 Air Shock oil: Part # F10012
Get the edge on your competition by running high quality, specially formulated, King shock oil. Shock Oil: Part # F10011 Air Shock oil: Part # F10012
Rebuild your shocks with genuine factory replacement parts made from the proper materials for peak performance. Multiple kit sizes available
King valve shims are made from a unique stainless alloy that remains stable at high temperatures and does not crack like plain steel shims do. King shims are crucial to maintain proper, consistent performance from your King shocks. Multiple sizes available
King piston wear bands are made from Teflon impregnated bronze material unlike all others. They give you a higher level of safety and performance. Multiple sizes available
Properly locate your shocks while still allowing articulation with these spacers. Available to fit several bolt sizes and mounting tab widths. Multiple sizes available

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