Armored Vehicles

King Off-Road Racing Shocks is more than just a shock retailer; we are the industry leader in advanced design, manufacturing and engineering. We are familiar with the latest innovative materials and precision manufacturing methods because we use them to produce our own products. When it comes to your special engineering projects, King Shocks has the necessary depth of knowledge to deliver everything from conceptual design consultation to working prototypes or production parts, quickly and cost effectively.

King Shocks is nimble enough to incorporate rapid design changes while still possessing the production capacity to supply finished products in substantial quantities. Rest assured, at King, your proprietary information and intellectual property is confidential and secure at all times. We have ongoing product development methods in place when it comes time to validate your designs. Prototypes are analyzed using specialized equipment and field-testing to confirm performance gains. Whatever your suspension engineering needs are, King can help you realize your goals. Give King Shocks a call to discuss your project today.

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