Tracy Jordan Captures His Twenty-Fourth Career Win

W.E. Rock Western US Nationals Oroville, California March 27-28, 2010

Heading into Oroville, California, for W.E. Rock’s season opener and their tenth year of competitive rock crawling, brothers Tracy and Jason Jordan had their eyes on one thing; another series championship.  Coming off of a spectacular finish to their 2009 season by winning the Grand Nationals in Farmington, New Mexico, Jordan Racing made plans to campaign their SpiderTrax built Rock Bug in the Pro Modified class.  Little did they know by weekend’s end, they would make rock crawling history.

Tracy Jordan soon began to question his decision to compete in the Pro Modified class once he learned there were equal entrants in both classes.  In a last minute decision, Jordan decided to switch to the Unlimited class where he will compete for his ninth series championship.

“My heart has always been there [in the Unlimited class],” Jordan explained.  “It’s where the best talent has traditionally been and it gives us a chance to showcase what this car, and rear-steer, can really do. Once we learned the entrant numbers were equal, our decision had been made.”

The odds were seemingly stacked against the brothers, who had removed the rear-steer axle and 39” BFG Krawlers just days prior to the event.  They would enter the Unlimited class shod with Pro Mod spec’d 37” BFG tires and no rear-steer, a major disadvantage for the brothers who would be going up against lightweight, single-seat moon buggies running 39-40 inch tires.

The end of day one surprisingly found the brothers in second place and only fifteen points off the leader.  Jordan knew he would have to continue to post low scores if he wanted to go into the Shootout high enough in the rankings to have a chance at a top place finish.  The pressure was now on for the reigning national champs and day two would be their proving grounds.

Like a true veteran of the sport, Jordan kept a level head throughout the day.  Working seamlessly with his spotter, he was able to continue to keep the pressure on the leader and even posted a low score on one of the courses.  The day would end with Jordan Racing sitting in second place, four points off the lead, after running eight courses and heading into the Shootout with a full-steam-ahead mentality.

The Shootout will either make or break a team.  It is where all the cards are laid out on the table and the winner is usually the one who can keep his composure and nerves in check for one last run.  Tracy Jordan is one of the best in the sport at keeping his cool in these situations.  Having more competitions under his belt than anyone competing in rock crawling today, Jordan not only knows how to deal with the pressure, but also how to put the pressure on other teams as well.

In front of the 2,000 plus fans that attended the event, Dirt Sports magazine,, and CRAWL magazine, Jordan was able to showcase what the best equipment on the market is capable of accomplishing.  After a nearly flawless Shootout run, Jordan was able to take the lead and net his twenty-fourth career win.  Jordan made rock crawling history by winning the Unlimited class in a Pro Mod spec’d car.

“I have yet to find the limits of this car,” Jordan exclaimed.  “The King shocks, Trail Ready wheels, and BFG Tires work so well on this SpiderTrax built car that I am amazed every time I drive it.  I can’t say enough about the quality of each and every part that went into making this revolutionary rock crawler; it really is a work of art.”

Jordan Racing’s next stop will be at W.E. Rock’s second event in Tucson, Arizona.  The brothers are sure to have a target on their backs as they try to maintain their lead in the Western US Nationals Series and their dominance in the sport of rock crawling.

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