The Leduc Family, Racing is in their DNA.

Racing is a passion that consumes people. You have to dedicate your time, energy and resources in order to compete. From the grassroots, occasional racer all the way to the highest levels of professional competition the commitment is the same. Those who are blessed have families that share their love for racing and look forward to each event. The Leduc’s from Cherry Valley, California are one such family. Father Curt, sons Todd, Kyle, and daughter Valerie have all chewed on the same dirt in competition. Anyone who has attended a short course race in the last decade or so is familiar with the Leduc family’s accomplishments on the track. Like their father Curt, brothers Todd and Kyle are a threat to win anytime they turn a wheel on the track. Daughter Valerie will soon join in too as soon as she lands a sponsor. Competing in the TORC series in 2009, the Leduc’s took in a few rounds of the LOORRS series in their back yard at Lake Elsinore, Ca. just to mix it up with the Lucas oil series racers. The Leduc brothers swept the weekend winning both rounds 7 and 8, Todd in Unlimited 2 and Kyle in Unlimited 4. Few people knew at the time how much success the Leduc’s would have in 2009. The highlight of the season would be Kyle winning the prestigious Borg Warner cup at Crandon international raceway. The Borg Warner cup’s past winners reads like a who’s who of racing icons. Kyle’s name is proudly etched into the cup along with father Curt’s who won it in 1998. Both pro-2 and Pro-4 trucks race for the cup but Todd will have a hard time accomplishing this feat because the Pro-4’s have such a traction advantage. They get a slight head start at the drop of the green flag but only one Pro-2 driver has ever held off the charge of the Pro-4’s to win the cup, so far. According to Kyle, there is a reason why they race in different classes. Like most brothers, they constantly compete against each other and if they were on track at the same time “it would be bad”. “We constantly try to outdo each other, How to build a truck, who qualified better, who turned the fastest lap and of course who has the most wins” said Kyle. The brothers first started racing each other when they got radio-controlled cars as kids. They both are skilled mountain bike racers who were regularly featured in magazines and videos with Todd earning a professional downhill title in 2001. “We raced bikes because we didn’t have the money to build trucks,” said Kyle. That would change in 2002 when Kyle got his start racing in the Prolite class. He progressed rapidly and earned a championship in 2004. Todd made his debut in 2005 racing in the highly competitive Pro-2 class because “my dad told me, you’re racing pro-2”. The rule in the Leduc family is “if you want to race it, you have to build it”. Growing up around their fathers fabrication shop, California pre-fun, taught the brothers what was needed to build a competitive truck. Curt Leduc started building trucks for competitors before starting his own racing career in 1975.Todd and Kyle know every inch of their trucks because they built them and maintain them at the races. The Leduc’s are by no means “checkbook racers”. They have had to work extremely hard to get where they are today. Every part on their trucks has to deliver over the long run, to remain competitive and stay within the budget. Their King shocks give them the competitive advantage and are built to hold up to the relentless punishment. Curt Leduc has been running King Shocks “forever” as he says. When he first came out west from his New England home to race at Riverside raceway and the Mint 400 he saw Walker Evans running the biggest, baddest shocks he ever saw. “I saw how they made the shocks and that was it for me”, said Curt. Those shocks were the original designs that would later become King Shocks; he still has some King shocks with serial numbers in the low 100’s. The Leduc’s are well known on the short course tracks but they also have a long and accomplished record in the desert. Both Todd and Kyle enjoy the challenges of running wide open in the desert. Soon they will be racing in the Trophy Truck class again with a new Geiser chassis and King Shocks. Not many people can boast about winning the Borg Warner cup, championships in Trophy Truck, class 8, class 6, class 3 and a Baja 1000 and Baja 2000 victory like Curt and his sons can. The Leduc’s have a streak of finishing every race they entered for 7 years straight, they won 6 championships in 7 years and in class 8, they won every single race for two years in a row. You don’t rack up a record like that without doing your homework on what performs and what doesn’t. The Leduc’s have relied on King Shocks the entire way. You can have the same competitive edge the Leducs have by running King Shocks but to beat them on the track or in the record books you need to be consumed by the same passion for racing that they all have.

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