DSM returns from the 2010 Battle at Primm

Last weekend's SNORE Battle at Primm (BAP) saw a record turn out of class 8 competitors and over 370 total entries for a fast paced and ultra competitive race. The Dean Schlingmann Motorsports crew was in high spirits having just spent its short winter break freshening up its engine and transmission programs. The BAP race format was laid out to be two days of racing action with competitors racing five 12-mile laps each day. At the end of the weekend, both days timing results would be added together with the lowest time being declared the winner. DSM was excited having drawn the 3rd position off the line because competitors would be starting 4-wide! Saturday morning, the DSM number 832 Ford F150 sponsored by the8truck.com lined up at the starting line with 15 minutes to spare. As engines idled and final checks were made, the throttle pedal sank under Dean's foot (just two minutes before the scheduled race start). Navigator Joe Reinbold immediately jumped out of the truck to figure out what had happened to find that the outer wrapping throttle cable had failed while the team waited to start and was not providing any throttle response.  A quick call into main pit brought the DSM cavalry to the starting line with replacement parts and tools. About twelve minutes later, the throttle pedal was fixed and Dean and Joe were in hot pursuit of the rest of the field. Sunday saw a successful return to the starting line for the DSM team which showed the rest of the field that its engine program was in full stride. The 4-wide start saw the DSM truck jump out in front against the number 8006 of Rick Harrah. Skipping through the short course section, Layla showed she could take some of the biggest jumps without hesitation. Four strong laps saw the DSM team running a strong race before final-lap gremlins rose their heads. Just 5 miles from the finish line, the driving duo heard a loud explosion in the back of the race truck and quickly lost all power to the wheels. Jumping out to inspect, Joe found a hole in the rearend which was the result of a grand finale-like explosion of the ring and pinion gears. While both days saw challenges for the DSM team, they are already hard at work putting these issues to rest before heading back out to the desert. The points race is already heating up, and DSM is ready to start pulling ahead in the coming races.  With the support of the following companies, this year will be a resounding success: the8truck.com, Royal Purple, SRP Pistons, Air Flow Research, ATI Balancers, BF Goodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, Fast-Aid, S&B Filters, Eibach Springs, Sway-A-Way Shocks, Hedman Hedders, Comp Cams, Holley Performance, Grand Tire, KC HiLites, Accurate Steel Treating, Beard Seats, SCAT Enterprises, PWR Radiators, IN & OUT Paint, Ed's Auto Parts of Covina, Harrell's Transmission of Covina, MSD Ignition, Ford Motorsports, and As Detailed.

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