Mounting Sleeve

King shocks’ bump stop mounting sleeves are made from .093 wall Chromoly tubing. The sleeves are machined for clearance from the top (eventually closed) end before the laser cut tops are tig welded on leaving the first 1.25” at the open end at a smaller size to provide a snug fit on the bump stop body. The locating pin registers into the top plate then the bump stop’s threaded boss is bolted securely to the mount. King’s mounting sleeve design holds the bump stop around the entire outside diameter without crushing it like pinch bolt designs. The sleeves are delivered raw so they can be welded directly onto your chassis. Content Separator Bump Stop - Sleeve Header Content Separator Bump Stop - Sleeve Image Bump Stop - Sleeve Feature List Content Separator Bump Stop - Sleeve Features
Feature 1 1. Bump stop mounting sleeves are made from tough .093 wall Chromoly tubing. Supplied raw, the mounting sleeves are ready to be welded to your chassis. Feature 3 3. Sleeves are counter bored from the top side before the mounting plates are tig welded on to provide room for bumpstop expansion during use.
Feature 2 2. Laser cut tops hold the mounting boss securely and have indexing holes to keep bumpstops from rotating. Feature 4 4. The first 1" of the completed tube is bored to size for a snug fit where the bumpstop body is supported by the wiper cap. Bumpstops are supported all the way around the outside diameter without interfering with the precision fit of the piston in the tube.
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