2.5 Smoothie Shaft Guard

Smoothie Shaft Guard 2_5                                  
  • King Shocks Shaft Guards are available for any of King’s 2.5” smooth cylinder shocks.
  • Any new 2.5 smoothie shock can be ordered with shaft guards, older shocks can be fitted with the proper shaft or rod end to accept our new shaft guards.
  • Shaft Guards are available for all 2.5 smoothie shocks with threaded aluminum rod ends, 2.5 shocks with welded rod ends or 2.5 shocks with pin shafts.
  • 2.5 Smoothie Shaft Guards are an optional upgrade on most OEM Kits (Check with sales for available applications).
  • Please be aware that older shocks will need new rod ends or shaft assemblies to accept our new Shaft Guards.
  • Shaft Guard Kit Part #: OPT-PR25-1050 (one Shaft Guard per kit)

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