Toyota FJ Cruiser Bolt-On Replacement Kit

From the company known for its product innovations and unrivaled performance arrives King Shock’s newest release to its ever-expanding line of OEM replacement bolt-on shock kits.  Through extensive development and testing, the Toyota FJ Cruiser Shock System Kit provides exceptional off-road damping and performance while also allowing for adjustable ride-height and lifting capabilities.

The new kit is loaded with features, each designed to make your FJ Cruiser perform and handle better than you ever thought possible.  Some of these features include oversized two and a half inch shock bodies with external reservoirs unleashing King’s off-road racing experience and technology onto your daily driver.  With this increased shock diameter comes an aggressive and responsive feel under your control at the steering wheel. The front shock bodies also includes an adjustable coil nut that will allow kit owners to raise their FJ to a towering two inches over stock.

Like all of the OEM replacement bolt-on shock kits offered by King, the kits included everything needed for a painless installation.  From reservoir mounting brackets and hardware to detailed instructions with knowledgeable phone support standing by to ensure your satisfaction.  You will be blasting the roughest trails with confidence knowing that the best shock system available for your FJ is taking the abuse.

Every King Shock is designed and built to our customer’s specific needs. Our support team is an accumulation of industry professionals who are ready to guide you through the ordering process and have the in-dirt experience to help you make the best decision. Every option available will be gone over in detail to ensure superior performance right out of the box.

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