LOORRS brought the heat to Lake Elsinore California

The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series brought the heat to Lake Elsinore California on June 27th and 28th for rounds 5 and 6 of the series.

Maybe it was the mere presence of King Shocks equipped racers Carl Renezeder, Chad Leising and Chad George that caused the scorching 100 degree plus weather at the Lake Elsinore, California rounds of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series. Normal temperatures in the area for this time of year are generally in the high 90’s but what a difference 10 degrees makes. The same could be said about the angle on the faces of the jumps at Lake Elsinore. The newly completed track was wide and fast with some of the steepest jumps seen in the series to date. The Primm Nevada track has the step-up jump at the end of the main straight-away, Surprise Arizona has the mogul field and now the Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex will be known for the outrageous jumps that test the courage and suspensions of those who dare to race there.

Shock set-up is crucial when you are traveling at these speeds and covering so much distance in the air. The slightest kick in the rear suspension will cause you to over rotate and land on the front bumper with catastrophic results. Thankfully, those who experienced those symptoms were only left with broken trucks and bruised egos.

King driver Carl Renezeder had no problems landing on the huge jumps or on top of the Unlimited 4 podium in both rounds posting the fastest lap time on both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday’s Unlimited 4 race was particularly exciting after he got held up by some tangled trucks in the early going but managed to get back in contention and pass for the lead in the last corner of the race to take the win. So far, Carl has had nearly a perfect season in Unlimited 4 competition.

In round 5, Unlimited 2 competition, Carl took his first win since sweeping the opening rounds at Primm, Nevada. Sunday’s round 6 race would not get Carl the same sweep as he got clipped by another competitor which broke his rear trailing arm ending the race for team Renezeder.

King driver Chad George was flying high all weekend. He warmed up with a podium finish in round 5 on Saturday and then took top honors on Sunday. Sunday’s round win backs up his round win on Sunday last month in Surprise Arizona. Chad looks to be on track for another championship winning season in short course racing.

King driver Chad Leising was on the podium all weekend in Lake Elsinore with a hard fought win in round 5 and a third place finish in round 6. So far this season Chad has two victories and has stood on the podium in four of the six rounds completed.

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