Mike Ryan's 1800hp Pike's Peak Super Truck

One of the things Americans are known for is the belief in “bigger is better”.  When it comes to racing, most strive for more horsepower, bigger brakes and better shocks. No other truck epitomizes this American spirit better than Stunt driver, Mike Ryan’s over the top, record holding, Freightliner, Cascadia race truck. We had a chance to tag along with Mike as he did some drifting practice out on the now dormant runway at the El Toro Marine base in Southern California. We’re always up for some mechanical mayhem so we grabbed the cameras and headed out to kill a set of tires.

The first thing you notice about the truck is the massive size of the components and the clean well thought out construction. This is a full on race truck, just much bigger. The simple minimal design and low placement of the engine and transmission reminds you of a Pro-4 short course truck. The trucks vital stats are impressive. The intake charge is compressed by a compound turbo system putting out 95lbs. of boost at sea level to crank out 1,800 horsepower and over 3,000 ft lbs. of torque. The staggering power is harnessed by a fully programmed, ZF, 5 speed, sequentially shifted transmission. The 10,000 lbs. of pure muscle is suspended by a custom linked straight axle with rack and pinion steering up front and a linked live axle rear. Each corner of the truck is damped by a single King, Pure Race series, 3.0 coil over with remote reservoir.

The truck was designed for “The Race to the Clouds”, the Pike’s Peak International Hill climb. The Pike’s Peak course starts at 9,453 feet above sea level.  156 turns and 12.6 miles later, it finishes at the 14,110 foot summit. The race is known for the challenges posed by the constantly evolving road surface, the nerve-racking switchbacks carved into the mountain side and the power robbing lack of oxygen at the summit. The mountain has freakish weather shifts that can change in as little as 15 minutes. It can be sunny and 55 degrees at 9,000 feet and change to rain, hail and then snow at the summit. One of the biggest dangers in the summer is lightning strikes.

Many of the corners have sheer drops that would spell disaster if you were to go wide.  With 156 turns on the course it’s critical to have a well handling truck that allows you to stay on the gas and in the boost all the way through the corners. “I’ve run other shocks in the past, said Mike Ryan, but they were just adapted to fit on the truck. I am really stoked to have the King shocks built specifically for my Freightliner. You can feel the added control in the chassis, there is a major difference in the transition when steering right to left. With the Kings I can easily adjust ride height, spring rate and valving depending on road conditions, the tires, even the weather if necessary.  The added performance of the King Shocks alone are worth the money and even I can’t hurt these”, Said Mike with a laugh.

King Shocks is proud to be a part of Mike Ryan’s record setting race team. King Shocks’ custom built for your application process is ready to help you reach your goals also. If you can dream it, King can build it.

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