King has a Terrific Terrible’s 250 at Primm!

Rick Johnson – Overall and Trick Truck Class Winner

Just a few weeks after earning a hard fought third place finish at the General Tire SNORE Mint 400, the Team 71 Racing Trick Truck was back in the Nevada desert for the second round of Best in the Desert's 2009 desert racing series.  Qualifying for the 11th starting position and crossing the finish line in an outstanding 3 hours, 43 minutes and 18 seconds, Rick D. Johnson piloted his King Shocks equipped Trick Truck to an overall and class win at the Terrible’s 250 in Primm.

This was an important win for Team 71 Racing.  The course was basically a sprint race and required a much different shock set-up than the other courses we normally run on.  King Shocks worked closely with us to test and tune the shocks in preparation for the 2009 season and especially the unique terrain of the Terrible’s race.  King’s superior product and customer service is second to none and a major factor to the Team 71 overall win,” commented Johnson after the race.

Bryce Menzies – Class 1000 Winner

After just a year of short course racing, Bryce Menzies was ready to try his hand at the desert racing circuit.  With the help of Larry Job, the Menzies Motorsports team took home the checkered flag in their Jimco Class 1000 with an impressive ten minute lead over the second place competitor.  Completing all three of the 72 mile laps in 4 hours, 23 minutes and 54 seconds earned the driving duo of Larry Job and Bryce Menzies the 1000 class win.

“Through short course racing I have learned that the quality and performance of the shocks is very important.  King Shocks consistently perform well in both the desert racing and short course venues and the product can withstand the extreme environments of whatever we can dish out,” commented Bryce Menzies of his first class win in desert racing.

Macrae Glass – Class 8000 – Second Consecutive BITD Class Win

Pushing the limits of Ford F-150, Macrae Glass earned a well-deserved class win and astonished the competition by crossing the finish line on the tail of the unlimited Trick Trucks and Class 1’s.  Finishing the race in 4 hours, 30 minutes and 9 seconds earned Macrae his second consecutive Best in the Desert class win and a comfortable points lead for the 2009 season.

I am honored to be partnered up with great companies that have supported my race program and I can count on their products to carry me through to the finish line.  The King Shocks continually exceed my expectations and I know I can rely on their on-going racer support before, during and after each race,” remarked Macrae.

John Griffin - Class 8100 Winner

Running hard and strong all day, John Griffin maintained a fast pace and an unyielding lead over the KORE Dodge.  Competiting in the tough stock full class, Griffin finished the race in five hours, four minutes and 37 seconds and crossed the finish line with a 59 second lead over second place Kent Kroeker.

“The King Shocks make all the difference,” commented Griffin.  “Stock full is a tough class and we need all the help we can get! The Kings definitely give us a competitive advantage in our limited wheel travel class.”

Jason Ruane – Class 7200 – Second Consecutive BITD Class Win

After successfully conquering the muddy conditions of Best in the Desert’s Parker 425 race earlier in the year, Jason Ruane clinched another Class 7200 win at the Terrible’s 250 at Primm.  Finishing the race in 4 hours, 38 minutes and 21 seconds earned Ruane the podium and an impressive 8 minute lead over the second place finisher.  With two consecutive Best in the Desert Class wins in the 2009 season, Ruane is currently the points leader with his King Shocks equipped Ford Ranger.

The conditions of the last two Best in the Desert race courses could not have been any different and our King Shocks allowed us the competitive edge to dominate the first two races of the season,” commented Ruane.  “I look forward to racing Vegas to Reno and know there will be a lot of testing and preparation involved to pull off a third consecutive class win.  I will be counting on the expertise of King Shocks and the quality of their product to see me through to the finish and hopefully a podium,” added Ruane.

Eric Anderson - Class 5000 Winner

With an impressive 1st place podium and 13th overall finish in the early 3 lap race, Eric Anderson proved he was a formidable competitor and a force to be reckoned with.  Averaging 42.54 miles per hour, Anderson was the only unlimited Baja Bug to finish all 216 miles of the Terrible’s 250 race.  Completing the course in five hours, four minutes and 37 seconds, Anderson’s win has secured him the points lead in Best in the Desert’s 2009 race season.

“The Unlimited Baja Bug class is the ultimate in desert racing!  We are essentially taking a car with technology dating back over 30 years and applying a new generation of engineering ideals.  Our King Shocks allow for unimaginable wheel-travel and get us through anything the desert can dish out.  Our average speed is a great indicator of how fast we can articulate through the diverse terrain of the race course and finish towards the front of the pack overall!” commented Anderson at the finish.

Ray Griffith - Class 1700 Winner

Racing in the competitive JeepSpeed class, Ray Griffith successfully piloted his King Shocks equipped No. 1714 Jeep to the finish line for a first place win.  Completing both 72 mile laps in 3 hours, 36 minutes and 26 seconds, Ray Griffith earned the checkered flag with a 5 minute and 20 second lead over the second place competitor.  With a dismal 30 percent finishing race at the Parker 425, Griffith’s notable 5th place showing in Parker, coupled with the Terrible’s 250 win, has secured the team with the current points lead for the JeepSpeed class in the Best in the Desert Series.

John Sunderland - Class 4100 Winner

As the only Class 4100 finisher at the grueling Parker 425, John Sunderland once again claimed the highest podium position at the Terrible’s 250 at Primm.  After conquering 144 miles of desert, the No. 4102 Ford narrowly claimed the much deserved class victory with just a 17 second lead over the second place finisher.   With two consecutive first place finishes under his belt, Sunderland has a strong points lead in Best in the Desert’s 4100 class.

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