Jesse James is a dead man - Spike TV show

Outlaw biker, master metal magician and celebrity scofflaw Jesse James made the switch to King shocks in a recent episode of his new television series titled “Jesse James is a dead man” which airs on Spike TV. Jesse was not happy with the “brand x” shocks he had been running on his Porter built Trophy Truck stating “every time I hit a bump it felt like somebody was kicking me in the back”. The solution was to bolt up a set of King 4.0 shocks to the trophy truck. A simple test was devised for the television audience to show the effects of adding King 2.5 inch shocks to an otherwise stock Ford Ranger. The test would be to drop a pair of trucks, one stock, and one with King shocks, from 30 feet high onto the junk yard dirt below. The King equipped truck rebounded from the drop while the stock truck just went splat. G-force meters attached to a crash test dummy, (who was flipping the bird, I might add), recorded what seemed like a marginal reduction in G-forces but actually translate to a significant 10,000 pounds of force reduction. According to Lance King of King Shocks, “we could have adjusted the valving to get better results but they were on a tight filming deadline so we ran the shocks right out of the box”. King has however, taken the time to get the King Kong’s on Jesse’s truck dialed in so he’s been much happier behind the wheel of his Stuka dive bomber painted trophy truck. The show is full of interesting scientific instruments and point of view cameras that give Jesse the excuse to roll trucks, blow stuff up and create general mechanical mayhem.  It’s not clear what was done with Jesse’s old shocks, maybe they blew those up too.

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