Millen's King Equipped truck has No Limits

On New Year’s Eve, Rhys Millen made history in Las Vegas, kissing 2008 goodbye and welcoming in 2009 with a bang. Unsatisfied with traditional resolutions, Rhys Millen performed the first-ever back flip in an off-road truck equipped with King Shocks. Millen’s back flip in an off-road truck was the realization of a goal set in 2007. During his final practice, Millen overshot the landing, resulting in five broken vertebrae in his neck and back. Injury was no setback as it only hardened his resolve to complete the feat. During the flip, Millen’s truck landed heavily on all four wheels before rolling upside down. Millen exited his truck unscathed.

“You come as prepared as you can, knowing all your numbers - speed, distance and height,” said Millen. “But you get only one opportunity to get it right. I landed, but I landed with a twist. Unfortunately the suspension that is needed to leave the ramp is not same as to land. There were so many factors to calculate. When Carey Hart completed the first back flip on a motorcycle in competition, he crashed. I really wanted to finish 2008 driving down that dirt pile and pumping my fist in the air, but am very proud of what I did accomplish.” King Shocks accompanied Rhys at several of his practice and test runs helping to dampen the blows given to truck and body when a 3500 pound truck falls from the sky.  We congratulate Rhys on his monumental accomplishment in Las Vegas and know that this is just the beginning to his quest to successfully land the back flip.

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