King Shocks Racers Shine At Silver State 300 Winning 7 Classes And The Overall Victory

Baja 1000 2013 Mad Media May 8th, 2015 - Garden Grove, CA - The Best in the Desert Silver State 300 is not your typical desert race. It's not covered in whoops or miles of washed out cross grain; it's mostly fire roads with some silt beds thrown in. The terrain not only tests a shocks performance it tests the racers ability to maintain control of their vehicles. Racers battle on narrow twisty trails lined with trees that hold the dust in place. They have to make split second decisions while running at high speeds with limited visibility that creates treacherous race conditions. In such a high stakes environment, King Shocks racers achieved impressive results. Leading the way was Trick Truck defending champion Jason Voss. He earned the number one qualifying spot after Dale Dondel, (also on King Shocks), clipped a cone. The 15 second penalty ended Dondel's eight straight number one qualifying streak. "Dale is tough to beat during qualifying," says Voss, "I feel for him, the same thing happened to us at Vegas to Reno." 2015 BITD Silver State 300 After starting first off the line, Voss ran out front all day; never seeing another vehicle out his windshield. It was up to the rest of the field to chase Voss down but they just could not catch him. It was the second straight Silver State 300 win for Voss who has taken back to back Trick Truck championships since switching to King Shocks in 2013. "I think a lot of racers underestimate how important suspension set-up is for the Silver State race," said Voss, "We don't see miles of whoops but increasing forward bite out of the corners and controlling body roll is crucial. We test with King Shocks before every race to adjust our suspension to race conditions. When we tested before this race, we hit the whoops to get the balance right but we also spent time on gravel roads to get our cornering speeds up. This win puts us in a great position to take our third straight victory at Vegas to Reno. We will have our suspension dialed in perfectly for the race." 2015 BITD Silver State 300 Jason Voss took full advantage of starting up front while the King Shocks racers came from the pack to outrun their competition. Class 1500 winner CJ Hutchins started 7th in class, 18th off the line. He maintained his speed all day and when elapsed times were tabulated he was the fastest. Four cars crossed the line ahead of CJ but his time bested them all. CJ was first in class 1500 and third place overall. 15bitd_ss300_king_hutchins Class 10 winners Cody Robinson and Kyle Conlon left nothing to chance. They started 10th in class with Conlon behind the wheel. By mile 80, Conlon had passed them all to be physically first and first on corrected time. Robinson took over at mile 150 continuing the pace that Conlon established. In the late stages, Cody lost power steering but still managed to take the victory and finish in an amazing 15th place overall; beating a long list of unlimited cars and trucks. 2015 BITD Silver State 300 All the way through the field the results were the same. In 7200, King Shocks racer Troy Messer came out on top. Class 8000 saw Don German outpace everyone in his King Shocks clad Chevrolet truck. Class 2400 was won by John Hsu and Bob Mamer won Jeepspeed Cup class 3700 in his turbocharger Comanche Pick-up. 2015 BITD Silver State 300 The King Shocks advantage was clearly demonstrated at the Silver State 300. "King Shocks congratulates Jason Voss on his imposing Silver State 300 victory," said Ramses Perez, director of marketing, King Shock Technology Inc. "With seven class victories and the over all win, I am thrilled to say King Shocks is the shock choice of Off-Road champions." Racing, prerunning or just having fun, whatever your application; King Shocks has the shock for you with the performance, reliability, precise tuning and adjustability you need. King Shocks, The Leader in Off-Road Technology! King Shocks © 2015. All Rights Reserved. Photography © Bink Designs

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