Kyle Leduc and King Shocks are Flawless in Lucas Oil Off Road PRO-4!

Garden Grove, California - June 24th, 2014 Kyle LeDuc has always been the guy to watch in short course off road racing. Since the beginning, his commitment and determination to be the best has delivered a verifiable performance record that cannot be ignored. In nearly every division entered, Kyle ran a dominate era over his closest rivals. Now competing at the top of the sport in the elite PRO-4 Unlimited Trucks, Kyle LeDuc is running flawless and unstoppable with 6 straight wins and 7 victories out of 8 completed events in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. “This weekend marks our third PRO-4 sweep in a row,” Kyle commented on the success of his 2014 season. “A huge key to winning is shock setup and tuning. King Off Road Racing Shocks has always been very solid and dependable. The high performance equipment and services they offer is no doubt a major part of our winning race program. ” During Rounds 7&8 at Miller Motorsports Park (MMP) in Tooele, Utah, Kyle again confirmed his champion caliber prowess fending off many legends of off road racing. The PRO-4 events rewarded the fans packed in the grandstands with event highlighting action from start to finish. 14loorrs_rnd78_king_leduc_001 The very tight and technical short course at MMP tripped up several of the sport’s top drivers. Kyle positioned himself to capitalize off of others’ mistakes to take the win. Time after time, Kyle Leduc routinely demonstrates that showing up with well performing equipment, racing hard & fierce, and eliminating mistakes equates to victory. "I hope that was exciting for you guys, because it was gnarly in the race," LeDuc said on the podium. "A lot of ruts and a lot of guys gave up positions. I was a little bit timid where I should have been more aggressive like we were yesterday, but I just paced myself. We had a couple of lead changes, and Ricky [Johnson] was battling there at the end. Fortin was fast and he, some of the top drivers rolled their cars today. It tells you this was a gnarly race track." Utah’s soft soil used on the off road short course at Miller Motorsports Park offers drivers a challenging aspect of changing track conditions that dramatically deteriorate throughout the race. It starts out slick and wet, dries, then ruts out. It is extremely difficult for drivers to anticipate and adapt. 14loorrs_rnd78_king_leduc_003 Kyle LeDuc definitely earns each and every race win that is captured. During the 2014 season, some victories come easier and others are much more challenging. The races in Utah were difficult and the winner was well rewarded. With this seventh win on the season; LeDuc extends a well padded points lead and races closer to another PRO-4 Championship title. To beat the best that the sport of off road racing has to offer, you have to use the best. Kyle LeDuc races exclusively with King Shocks. 14loorrs_rnd78_king_leduc_002 Round 7 - Pro 4 Results: 1. Kyle Leduc 2. Rob MacCachren 3. Carl Renezeder Round 8 - Pro 4 Results: 1. Kyle Leduc 2. Ricky Johnson 2. Rob MacCachren

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