Jason Voss Charges Hard and Captures Overall Win at BITD Silver State 300

May 6, 2014
The Silver State 300 marks the third event in the 2014 Best In The Desert six Race Series. The ultra scenic 297-mile course that makes up the Silver State 300 is totally unique to desert racing and utilizes mostly rural country dirt roads and desolate winding trails. Competitors race over mountain passes, rally across sweeping valleys and off the beaten path through historic towns like Alamo, Caliente and Pioche before finishing in the ghost town of Delamar; home to the Widow Maker Gold Mine.Trick Truck driver and current reigning BITD champion, Jason Voss, charged hard through the Silver State's rugged terrain to capture the overall victory with a 4 minute and 32 second cushion ahead of the second place King Shocks equipped Trick Truck of Shawn Croll.This race typically favors the leaders who are able to get out in front first, find the clean air and kick up the dust storm behind them. "You can follow the leader or you can be the leader," explained Jason. "Qualifying was key for us to get out front early."  Voss blasted through some nasty g-out holes and earned the 2nd quickest lap time through BITD SS300 Time Trials. Jason and his co-driver eyed several obstacles and an obviously large washout on their practice run. Believing his truck assisted by the high performance King Off Road Racing Shocks would maintain speed and absorb the challenging terrain; Voss charged the #1 Truck without lifting the throttle. The result was a spectacular spray of dirt and rocks that ripped the nose off the truck. The King Shocks ate it up qualifying only seconds behind the pole leader Dondel and Graf.   On race day, the "get out front early" strategy came to fruition at about Race Mile 100. Voss was able to overtake Dondel's Truck for the lead position. From that point on, Jason and the #1 Ford Raptor Trick Truck held the throttle down and stretched out an impressive gap over the rest of the field all the way to victory. Voss recalled a significant factor to his race win. "There are so many high speed straight-a-way sections and then you encounter regular silt beds or a nasty g-out that could send anyone sailing off course. Our BFGoodrich Tires provide incredible traction, and the stability of my King Shock package offers total control. We drive out of everything straight and balanced which helps me maintain speed throughout the entire race."   It was another impressive race win for Voss and his team who finished ahead of 16 TT Entries in class and a total of 37 unlimited vehicles. With a total time of just over 5 Hours and 18 Minutes on the 297-mile course, Jason's average speed was 55.9 Miles Per Hour. With the finish at The Mint 400 and a race win back at the Parker 425, Jason should be back up in the points lead and is a contender for the 2014 BITD Trick Truck Championship. If you want the competitive edge on the racecourse or just the best handling truck on your daily commute, King Shocks has the damping technology that is best for your needs. When you ride on King Shocks, you'll know there really is a difference. Nothing rides like a King. Images by Bink Designs

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