Jason Voss and King Shocks Capture the 2014 BITD Parker 425 Win

Garden Grove, CA February 5, 2014 Off Road Desert Racing's season opener brings the sports top competitors to Parker, Arizona and along the edge of the Colorado River near the BlueWater Resort & Casino. This early wintertime event is a hands down favorite for many participants and sets the tone for the ultra competitive Best In The Desert Series. For Jason Voss, the reigning Trick Truck Champion, it has to be one of his preferred events as he just captured a second consecutive BITD Parker 425 victory. Voss won the race, which saw the top 3 finishers separated by approximately 32 seconds.  The Best in the Desert Series is known to attract the largest fields of the super exotic unlimited Trick Trucks. Once again the "best of the best" brought a stacked field with 41 entries in the top division and 226 total racing in the competition. Attrition is always a factor in off road racing, but Parker is historically very rough on equipment, as many vehicles do not finish. The desert course is full of high-speed sections but out of nowhere there are big hits, hidden crevices, and any number of obstacles that are waiting to snap off challengers. 232 No one is immune in desert racing. It takes incredible focus, determination, preparation, and your luck just has to be on point. Jason Voss, the reigning BITD Trick Truck Champion, must be feeling pretty lucky but also very confident after starting out the 2014 season with a victory. It was this very same race last year when Voss began his Championship season campaign with the first race win of the season.
"It was a Great Day," Jason stated at the finish line. "My Co-Pilot and I never had to get out of the truck. We let Tavo Vildosola set the pace in front of us and we just had to chase him and keep him in sight. We chased him hard and gave it all this truck could give.  In the last 40 miles we poured it on and really pushed it in the rough. It looks like we got them in the end by 10 seconds. We earned this win for sure and it was not without serious challenges though. Lots of lap traffic to drive through, and the course became seriously deteriorated through the second half. That is where our finely tuned suspension really benefited our race. I can't say enough about King Shocks everyone else that support our program. The guys did an excellent job and gave me a great track to run; we appreciate everything they do."
233 Vildosola, the top Mexican National in desert racing and the second place finisher, also has their truck outfitted with King Shocks. 234 With the all out competitive level in off road racing, driver and performance are the distinguishing factors. Jason Voss knows exactly what his state of the art Jimco Truck is capable of, how the 39" BFGoodrich Race Project Tires will rip through a corner, and that his massive 4.5" Pure Race King Off Road Racing Shocks will chew through the uneven desert terrain with out scrubbing top speed. Having a perfect day with zero mechanical issues and finely tuned suspension assisted by King Shock superior dampening technology can make all the difference at the end of the day.   You got to be hungry for the win. If there is anything else left at the finish line, you should step back and re-evaluate what you are doing in this punishing sport. Off Road Racing is for die-hard racers. Off Road Racing is for Kings
Best in the Desert Parker 425 Top 5 Results Overall
Position Time Split
1. #35 Jason Voss 07:18:01
2. #21 Tavo Vildosola 07:18:11 +00:00:10
3. #9 Mark Weyhrich 07:18:33 +00:00:32
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