King Shocks Drivers Sweep the Podium at HDRA King Shocks 250

Garden Grove, California - April 10, 2013 – HDRA hosted the King Shocks 250 in the High Desert of Ridgecrest California. 99 competitors pre entered the second event of the 2013 season and over a hundred teams showed up to gain points on their quest for the Off Road World Championship. As a sweet bonus to the title sponsor, King Off Road Racing Shocks supported drivers took the top overall finishing positions (1st, 2nd & 3rd) sweeping the podium with Trophy Trucks and also collecting 5th overall with the Class 1 win. King Shocks Marketing Director, Micheal Leighton commented, “We are just thrilled with how this event turned out. Drivers using King Shocks swept the overall podium and also the top 5 qualifying positions. We are very proud to be able to support the racers and HDRA for what they have put together. New races at new venues are attracting a lot of top competitors and the World Championship format is a great thing for the sport.” The all new course is situated inside an OHV designated “Limited Use” area. HDRA setup plenty of public spectator opportunities with scenic wide open views and many came out to enjoy the terrific weather and great racing. Ridgecrest and the sprawling Indian Wells Valley is full of old mining claims that actually litter the desolate terrain which made for a unique event for the competitors. Lined with sharp rocks, the course was tormented with lots of deep holes, miles of large whoops, sandy washes, Rail-Road Crossings and silt all of which would be a factor. 60 mile loops and 4 scheduled laps for the faster classes, meant that overtaking slower race traffic and breaking through the looming dust trail seemed to be the biggest challenges. Going off course ended the day for several competitors and the racers who implemented the smartest race strategy found the winning formula. Justin Davis “To compete against Larry Roeseler, to be up top, and to be the best is a great achievement for me,” declared Justin Davis, Driver of the #85 Green Army Trophy Truck who raced to the overall victory at the HDRA King 250. “We had a flawless race. We started 7th right in the middle of the pack. We kept our pace moving forward and picking our way through the field one by one. By the third lap we caught up to Herbst and stayed on his bumper. The dust was horrendous and the course was really narrow and rocky in most areas. There was also a lot of lap traffic but everyone had to deal with those issues. Herbst gave us a run for our money but we had an awesome day with no problems and no mistakes. I got to thank Roger Norman for putting together a great event and King Shocks because our Truck was working great. We are going to keep pushing and hope to work our way towards the World Championship.” TIM HERBST LARRY ROESELER Terrible Herbst Larry Roeseler, “Wheel Man” of the #19 Monster Energy Terrible Herbst Trophy Truck qualified 3rd fastest, but quickly found his way to the front and led the next 4 laps all the way to the finish. Roeseler and Tim Herbst (DOR) charged hard through the desert at a blistering pace. Driving the second half and aiming for the top overall win, Tim Herbst knew he needed to stretch the lead as far as possible. Their efforts fell just short to race winner Justin Davis who was about 45 seconds quicker. The #91 Terrible Herbst Trophy Truck of Tim Herbst and Ryan Arcerio, qualified 2nd fastest, went on to finish the King 250 in 3rd place overall. TROY HERBST RYAN ARCIERO “My hat goes off to Iribe, Brett and everyone at King Shocks. We really wanted to make this race with Kings on the trucks and they all made it happen,” Larry commented on the new truck shock upgrades. From the initial decision to switch over, King provided Terrible Herbst Racing with a brand new shock package and had both Trophy Trucks outfitted and complete with a dialed setup after only a week turn around time. “They stepped up, made everything exactly to our specifications and got it setup the way we needed it to be. The Kings have made a huge difference and everyone can see the improvement. I finally feel like I have a real Trophy Truck underneath me. The cars were phenomenal right out of the box. We were 2nd and 3rd overall today and we qualified 2nd and 3rd. Running with King Shocks, we now know that these trucks can win. We are very happy!” CORY HALOPOFF #156 Motion Tire Class 1 Car            Class 1 driving “Ace” Kory Halopoff shared driving duties with Richard Boyle (DOR) in the #156 Motion Tire Car. Kory qualified the car 4th overall and was the fastest Class 1 Car in the field. “We were able to get around the #91 Herbst Truck on the first lap which put us into 3rd position physically. On the second lap we lost a rear brake caliper and than we had a tire go down coming into the pit which the crew quickly changed. Because we didn’t loose any time on the tire change we had actually moved into 2nd position.” On Lap 3, Boyle got into drive the car to the finish. Richard maintained position during the final laps and his Motion Tire Class 1 car, equipped with King Shocks, ripped through the rough whooped out desert taking the pounding. Despite crossing the finish line on a second flat, they finished well enough to make the top 5 overall and earned the Class 1 victory. “The course was extremely rocky, and with the rough whoops, we were surprised to not have anymore flat tires,” claimed Kory. “We were really lucky that the flats we did get, worked out perfectly without any down-time. We are focused on an HDRA Championship, so I got to thank General Tire and King Shocks for carrying our car to victory.” 13bink_king250_05 Winners know that you are only as good as the equipment that you drive. In Off Road Racing, there are so many variables; there is just no room for mechanical failure or missing that setup. With King Shocks Off Road Racing Products and expert support, you can be certain that your race program is at the peak of performance. If you want the competitive edge on the racecourse or just the best handling truck on your daily commute, King Shocks has the damping technology that is best for your needs. When you ride on King Shocks, you’ll know there really is a difference. Nothing rides like a King.

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