Robby Gordon Launches New Race Series, Stadium Super Trucks

Robby Gordon lit up the Los Angeles Coliseum with his announcement of his new Stadium Super Trucks (SST) shortcourse series that will commence in 2013. Details are yet to be finalized but initial information about the series says it will include SST spec trucks, Monster Trucks and UTV’s racing on a shortcourse style track. The SST trucks will all be built to identical specs and the engines will be dyno tested to insure parity before each race. Drivers will draw for their truck and then be able to choose the body style, wheels and tires and to adjust shocks and springs. Robby shared some unique details about the series at the press launch including a g-force sensor mounted to the front bumper of each truck. If the sensor sees too many G’s indicating that the driver is hitting the truck in front, it puts the engine in limp mode and also triggers a light mounted to the roof so fans would know the driver was getting too aggressive. When Ricky Johnson said he would brake check Robby, he told Ricky that he would place one on the front and rear of Ricky’s truck which sent laughter throughout the crowd.   Colleen Campbell, Mickey Thompson’s sister and Mickey’s son Danny were both present touting the series as a sort of re-birth of the MTEG shortcourse series started by Mickey in 1979. Also in attendance were Glenn Harris and Cal Wells who along with Robby, Danny and Ricky all competed in the original MTEG series. Robby won the MTEG championship driving for Cal Wells in 1988. Robby interviewed a bevy of current King Shocks off-road drivers that are looking to compete in the series including Andrew Caddell, Mike Jenkins, Lalo Laguna, Casey Currie, Justin Matney, Samuel Hubinette and Danny Thompson. One thing that really stands out about the series is the prize money at each race and a whopping $500,000 dollar prize for the season points champion. Monster Truck fans will get more chances to see the big trucks in action and by combining those fans with the off-road crowd it will expose new people to our sport. The original MTEG series was successful in getting a diverse crowd to come out and watch the races. Many people feel that if anyone can bring back that kind of enthusiasm Robby Gordon can. His experience as a racer, team owner and promoter has all gone into planning the SST series, which looks to have something for everyone. Photos by: Mikes Race

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