King Shocks Racers Strike it Rich at BITD, Silver State 300

Different race courses have different challenges. San Felipe is known for miles and miles of brutal whoops. The old Mint 400 course is rough and rocky. The Best in the Desert, Silver State 300 course is mostly flat but that does not mean it’s easy. The long straight stretches of flat terrain have their own set of challenges. Most of the course is wide-open, high speed running with tight technical sections and deep silt beds mixed in. You need plenty of damping control but precise handling is also critical. The course is narrow and when the corners come up, you can’t afford to lose time slowing way down to get around them. During the Silver State race, BJ Baldwin was racing at the front with Robby Gordon and Rob Mac. After over five hours of flat-out racing he was able to take the overall victory by a mere 14 seconds. When the racing is that tight, you need to be confident in the handling of your vehicle. “We spent time fine-tuning our King shocks in San Felipe to the point where the truck isn’t just super fast, it’s comfortable to drive” said BJ, “ The truck is now better than it has ever been. I can run wide open with total confidence.” Bj is not the only driver happy with their King shocks, King drivers took ten first place finishes at the Silver State race.  Robby Gordon and Tim Casey have both won their classes three races in a row this season. “The high speed sections can easily lure a driver into a costly mistake,” said Tim Casey, “there are tons of silt beds that can stop you dead in your tracks and on the tight mountain sections you are just inches away from disaster. We almost got stuck in the silt three times; there is no room for error on this course.”   Congratulations to the following King Shocks drivers who won at the Silver State 300:   BJ Baldwin, 1st overall, 1st Trick Truck Robby Gordon, 1st class 1500 *Third win in a row Eduardo Laguna, 1st class 7200 Cody Freeman, 1st class 1000 Macrae Glass, 1st class 8000 Tim Casey, 1st class 8100 *Third win in a row Nick Bayes, 1st class 3000 Perry Coan, 1st class 1700 Hal Deschamp, 1st class 4400 Bill Bunch, 1st class 3700   Whether you are in the heat of competition or driving to work, you need King’s precise handling and performance damping control. When you ride on Kings you’ll know, there really is a difference. Nothing rides like a King. Photos by: Mike Ingalsbee, Mikes Race

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