At King Shocks Quality is #1

When you are upgrading something as critical as your shocks, you don’t want to cut corners. Braking, steering and ride comfort are all dependant on your shocks’ ability to control your suspension. You need a shock that delivers top-notch performance and is built to last; a cheap price is not always the best deal. King shocks offer unparalleled performance and the quality and durability to be the best value for your hard-earned cash. Nothing demonstrates this any better than the Chevy, class eight truck of Locations Racing. Their class eight truck was originally built for Kyle Taylor in the 1990’s and has been racing in some of the roughest terrain in the southwest competing in HDRA, BITD, BORE and SNORE ever since. Not only is the truck on King shocks but the truck is on the same King shocks that were originally installed when it was new. They are in fact the second set of King Shocks ever built. Eighteen years later, they are still running strong and winning races. The locations Racing team just took the top spot in class eight at the SNORE, KC Hilites midnight special in Ridgecrest, Ca. and is a top contender for the championship this year. The truck has had a long history of running out front including finishing second overall at the Vegas to Reno race in 2001 with Kyle behind the wheel. Still winning races with eighteen-year-old shocks that have been pounded for countless thousands of miles on a big, V8 powered class eight truck is a real testament to the quality and value you get with King Shocks. Photos by: Mikes Race

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