A day at the beach for Scott Hartsock in Gunslinger

King Shocks, Monster Truck racer Scott Hartsock was victorious at the 2011, Monsters on the Beach event held on the sand at Virginia Beach, VA may 6th through the 8th. Scott qualified in the number one spot, which earned him a single run in the first round. He then went on to defeat the black and green wrecking machine (Grave Digger) driven by Randy Brown in the semifinals and Mopar Magic with Chris Baker at the wheel in the final round. Scott was able to drop the hammer, even in the loose sand, due to his new power plant and his King Shocks at all four corners. Monster truck shocks need to soak up huge hits from the stacks of cars they launch from and the hard landings that follow their flights that sometimes reach over 40 feet in the air. They also need to accelerate quickly off the line and carve corners like a slot car in order to win. Scott’s Pure Race series 3.0 coilover and bypass shocks on each wheel enable him to land in control and get back on the gas quickly, which is crucial in today’s super competitive, side-by-side Monster Truck racing. Scott can rely on his King Shocks to keep him pointed straight and on the gas. The Gunslinger went to Virginia Beach looking for a showdown but in the end, it was just a day at the beach for Scott Hartsock.    *Photos by Dustin Hart, AllMonster.com

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