King Shocks "Young Guns" in LOORRS, Limited Buggy Class

King Shocks racer Dave Mason Jr. had a stellar weekend at rounds 3 and 4 of the Lucas Oil Off-road Racing Series held at the Speedworld track in Surprise, Arizona. The younger Mason took the win in round 3 and followed it up with another podium in round 4. So far this season, Dave has only failed to stand on the podium once when he placed a respectable 5th in the first race of the season. According to Dave Mason Senior, one of their keys to success has been their shock tuning. “We tested at Glen Helen prior to the first race of the season and made some huge gains in the way the car handled and what we needed to do to get the car where we want it,” said Dave Sr. “We are very pleased with how the King’s respond to even slight tuning changes. We have already developed our baseline tune and can now concentrate on making the car handle the way Dave likes it. We know the season is young and a lot of things can happen but right now, we couldn’t be happier with our results so far.” Dave Mason Jr. is just one of the King Shocks “Young Guns” that have recently graduated from the Trophy Kart class into the Limited Buggy ranks. The group is comprised of Dave, Zac Hunt, Bradley Morris and Tatum Ronco. So far, the group has been making a huge impact in the class, regularly dicing at the front with two of the best ever, drivers John Fitzgerald and Curt Geer. Curt Geer has played a role in helping Zac Hunt transition to the limited buggy class getting his car dialed in and offering a few driving tips along the way. “The first thing we did was get his car on King Shocks,” said Curt with a smile, “Zac already has a lot of talent behind the wheel and a fearless attitude but these limited cars are very different compared to the Trophy Karts. They don’t have close to the power to weight ratio so it’s vital to keep your momentum through the corners. When driving an open wheel car you have to hold your line at all times. You can’t bang fenders like you can with the Karts, you must have constant car control. These kids all have a lot of experience behind them; they just need to learn how to race a limited, open wheel car. I’ve enjoyed working with Zac and have no problem racing wheel to wheel with him; he will definitely be a force to be reckoned with.” Dave Mason Jr. and the rest of the King Shocks young guns are definitely on the move this year in the limited buggy class. It looks to be a challenging season for all the drivers in the class as well as the entire race series. If you get a chance to take in a Lucas Oil Off-Road series race, don’t miss it and don’t miss the Limited Buggy race! You’ll see some current champions at their best and some future ones in the making.      *Photos by: Mikes Race

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