King Shocks racer Kyle Leduc to compete in Prolite class in 2011

Most people will always have a fondness for their first car. Racers have that same fondness for their first race and their first taste of victory. When Toyo Tires approached Kyle Leduc with the idea of entering a truck in the Prolite class, all those fond memories came back for Kyle. With 14 wins and a championship in the class, it didn’t take him long to say yes to the offer. “We’ve got a competitive truck we picked up to race the first couple of rounds and a new truck being built that will incorporate all the latest tricks along with the technology we’ve perfected over the years”, said Kyle. “I’m looking forward to the fierce competition in Prolite but also the fun, I love the class and the extra track time will help me in Pro-4 also.” The full schedule of races in the Lucas Oil Shortcourse Series gives fans non-stop action but affords limited practice time for the drivers. The pressure on the teams to get their trucks dialed in from the minute they hit the track is immense, a fact that Kyle is well aware of  “We added a couple of new crewmembers to handle the additional work between rounds but my guys have the Prolite chassis mastered, we know how to make them work.  We have the best tires and the best shocks and with all the success we’ve had in the past, we expect nothing less than to be in the championship battle with both trucks at the end of the season.” Kyle’s new Prolite will ride on the same proven package he runs on the Pro-4, a King coilover and an external bypass shock at each wheel. The dual shock set-up offers the precise adjustability needed to adapt to different tracks and the constantly changing conditions on race day. Kyle’s return to Prolite is great news for his fans and sponsors. Look for both his Prolite and Pro-4 to be battling at the front throughout the season. Photos by: Mikes Race

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