King Shocks Launches New Research and Development Lab

King Shocks has just completed construction of their new research and development lab. The lab is another facet of King’s constant product development efforts. King has always done extensive, in the field testing with teams involved in all types of competition. As suspension designs progressed over the years, King was right there with breakthroughs in damping performance and shock construction to enable the constant progression in speed and endurance. The race-proven technology used in King’s Pure Race series shocks is now being applied to a wide range of new products coming from King for production-based trucks, SUV’s and side by sides. The R&D lab is playing an important role in developing these new products. The lab has all the tools needed to do test fits and to prototype new applications as well as a state of the art, Roehrig, electro-magnetic, shock dyno capable of inducing shaft speeds up to 120 inches per second with a drive position resolution of 1 micron. It can play back racecourse data collected from a number of commonly used onboard, data acquisition systems and uses a non-contacting Infrared style transducer to monitor temperature readings. The dyno gives King Shocks engineers the ability to test new designs at an accelerated rate. Changes can be incorporated into a design, a prototype built and then verified on the dyno in a matter of hours. Having the means to precisely measure shaft velocity and damping force, King’s engineers can verify even slight changes to piston port shape or valving configurations. King’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that every kit they make has the most accurate tuning possible. No matter if they are testing in the desert or in the lab, King Shocks continues to push the boundaries of shock technology. When you ride on King Shocks you can rest assured that you will have the most durable and best performing shocks available. *Photos by: Mikes Race

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