Building a Brawnier Brute - GenRight Legend Extreme Suspension Installation

There comes a time in every vehicle’s life when change is necessary. While our Jeep Wrangler-turned-AEV Brute had already experienced quite a bit of change, we were itching for more as we continually strive to achieve the best possible trail set up and highway ride combination. The ride wasn’t bad by any means. But, still, we knew it could be much better. Seeking something along the lines of a custom trophy truck-style long-travel suspension that could attack any impossible obstacle we came across and still scoot us about town in comfort, we discovered GenRight Off-Road and its Legend Extreme suspension system. Check out this article written by Christain Lee from 4 Wheel Drive and Sport Utility Magazine. Photography: Christian Lee and courtesy of GenRight Off-Road CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO VIEW COMPLETE ARTICLE

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