4130/King Shocks Co-Branded Apparel Hits No Fear Retail Stores Nation Wide

As of today, all 60 No Fear retail outlets are stocked up on the brand new 4130/King co-branded T-shirts. These shirts were produced by 4130 Clothing with the approval of King Shocks and they are already a major hit! The shirts hit select No Fear stores last Friday the 1st and have been selling very well already.

4130 decided to team up with King Shocks for this co-branded product similar to how you will see other apparel brands co-branding with energy drink companies. Instead of taking that route, 4130 decided to do something a little different and partner with the #1 Off Road Racing Shock producer in the industry. The response to the King logo on the 4130 products has been very positive since the day we debuted the Coilover logo on the back of other 4130 T’shirts and hoodies.

The 4130/King co-branded T-shirts can be viewed and purchased both online at www.4130Clothing.com and at your local No Fear retail outlet.

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