Over The Top Motorsports, Rock Jam in Harrisburg, IL

For the next race in my new Trent Fabrication ultra-4 style car. The opportunity came up for me to do a rock race at the Saline county fairgrounds in Harrisburg, Illinois. The course had lots of jumps and go fast sections which wasn't a problem now that we got the motor out of limp mode and we had all 3 gears in the transmission. For the first race I was being conservative since I had a race in southern Missouri the next day, even though I was being conservative I still had the best time for the first heat out of 9 different competitors. The second race I pushed the car a little harder and improved my time by 5 seconds which was able to put me into the finals. At this race once you moved into the finals your score was zeroed out and everyone in the finals started over in time. For the first of two races in the finals I had the fastest time which put me in first place. The second race of the finals was 3 laps instead of the 2 lap races we were doing earlier. On lap two I hit a banner which penalized me 15 seconds. Even with the penalty my combined time was fast enough for second place. That was hard to take because I missed first place by only one sec-ond. The race was over at 11:00 P.M. we had to load everything up fast because we had an 8 hour drive ahead of us to get to a race in southern Missouri the next morning. The car is really starting to come together, we are getting all of the bugs worked out, and I'm really starting to get a feel for all the power and capability. Thank you to the Rock Jam officials and the Saline county fair for the opportunity to race. -Thomas Grady (photos from Jeff Jones)

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